Monday, November 05, 2012

OotD: You Are My Sunshine

Striped Tie Top ~ Next
Faux Leather Skirt ~ Primark
Lace Bike Shorts ~ Allihalla
Ruffle Socks ~ ASOS
Brogues ~ Evans
Sunglasses ~ TK Maxx

How old is this photo set? Very, very old.

This was supposed to post last week, apparently blogger hates me.

Unfortunately these sunglasses died an epic death by my beagle.

I really wish I'd worn a different skirt with this top, but I have a limited wardrobe when I am in Wales. I always seem to leave a key piece back in England and then wear slightly off outfits the whole time I am there. Ah, well....

Must practice eyeliner technique. Must practice. Anyone have any eyeliner tips for me?

Frank Turner singing You Are My Sunshine. I could listen to this man sing all day long. :)

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