Monday, December 31, 2012

12 Best Outfits of 2012

Honestly, I wasn't going to do a best outfits of 2012 post because I assumed I hadn't blogged that many outfits, I mean I broke my leg in January and wasn't really up and about for almost half a year, but looking through I couldn't resist showing off some of the huge changes I've made this year.

I'm doing a top 12 instead of one a month due to not dressing up during the first half of year what with the broken leg.

Remember when I was platinum blonde? Me neither!

Oh wow, blast from the past. I wore this a day or two before I broke my leg. Looking back I realise that this is the year that I learnt I can wear dresses and skirts. Being unable to pull on my skinny jeans over my cast made me face up to my fear of skirts and dresses. I've always aspired to be a strong person, in 2012 I realised you can be just as strong in frills and pearls as in jeans and boots.

Heck you can mix both together. This was the year of rejecting my internalised femmephobia.

Another first, wearing a body con skirt. Couldn't resist this picture, even though I have others through the link of vbo!

2012, the year I learnt that plus size people can find awesome items in charity shops! Love this leather skirt I picked up. Also the start of my dark lipstick addiction.

Its weird, this outfit would normally be so out of my comfort zone! I mean its a dress, a sleeveless sun dress at that add the fact there is no black in this outfit, but I adore it. Its amazing how testing your boundaries can show you whole new aspects of yourself. Just because I'm in a sundress and lace doesn't mean I don't kick ass. If I feel like dressing girly it doesn't make me weak, you can use femininity and use it in a plethora of ways. I can wear a sundress with creepers and unshaved legs, if that's what I want.

2012, fashion became freedom.

Monochrome and creepers have been my signature this year, I think!

While I did not wear this outfit with some of my midriff showing out and about, I think I felt brave enough just putting this on the internet.

My birthday outfit has a special place in my heart. This was the start of letting myself back into all black. On finding fatshion I rejected a lot of the things society tells fat girls to wear, including black. But, you know what? I love wearing black, this year I learnt as long as I'm happy with it I can wear whatever I like.

My first experimental post using a "how to" style. While I hate the kind of "you should do this" lists I might do more of these posts framed from my point of view, so its how I do it, not necessarily how you should. If that makes any sense!

Love this outfit! At the end of 2012 I think I finally got a better handle on my personal style, that I love femme, but I love femme with an edge with a little rock thrown in for good measure. I think I realised that just because I am 22 doesn't mean I have to put away the goth/emo/punk 15 year old in my heart.

2012 has also been the year I finally got my hands on some amazing plus size clothing from Domino Dollhouse who I think produce some of the coolest and most on trend plus size clothes in the market place. They really evoke that edgy femininity that I've fallen in love with.

I posted this just a few days ago, but I don't care! This is my all time favourite outfit on this blog. I finally got my style down on camera. A few years I would have laughed if you said I could even buy these clothes in my size and now I can and I have the confidence to wear them!

2012 hasn't been half bad, I'd say. ;)

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