Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Daily Wishlist 4: Dorothy Perkins ~ Victoriana

1. Ruffle Lace Dress, £30 SALE
4. Ivory Victoriana Blouse, £20 SALE (also available in black)

If I could only buy one item? This is the hardest one yet! I love them all! I think the Lace Peplum Skirt because at that price it is a bargain plus I have been looking for a fluted (mermaid?) skirt in my size for years. (Also the dandy blouse, please.)

I am adoring the Victoriana trend that tends to pop up every other winter or so and no one on the high street (that I can fit in anyway!) has done it better than Dorothy Perkins. The lace, jacquard, baroque prints, the colour palette, the fur and the pearls, its just so luxurious and rich. I'm in love. :)

What seasonal trend do you always look forward too?

Also, what do you think of my new banner? I'm not too talented when it comes to computers and graphics, but I gave it a go. :)

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