Sunday, December 02, 2012

Gendered Harassment in Gaming

I am going to spare you my usual grovelling over the fact my posting has been infrequent and get straight to the point for once!

I am a gamer. I am a woman. I am a feminist.

I have always been reticent to admit these things together. As a woman I've always felt like an odd one out in the gaming community, I would often play down my gamer status saying I was a casual gamer or that I liked playing video games, but I wasn't really a gamer. I felt that because my skills weren't up to par, that I don't play online with others, that I dislike first person shooters, that I wasn't really a gamer. Gamers are men, who play CoD constantly and beat every game they play.

I've never played a game online with someone other than my brother. I've heard too many horror stories of gendered bullying, slurs thrown about and harassment to make me miss out on all online multiplayer games.

These thoughts came to me as I watched this video by Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency talking about her own experience of cyber mobbing where she was harassed, threatened and treated in a disgusting manner online just for wanting to raise a little money to make some youtube videos about the treatment of women in pop culture.

I urge you all to watch this video, I think its illustrates the kind of behaviour we must not tolerate any longer, that as an online community we have to stand up against bullies and against small minded people who want to keep the status quo.

Thank you for reading and even more if you spent a few minutes to watch the video.

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