Saturday, December 22, 2012

If you really knew me.....

Stole this from idea from Natalie from XL as Life. As I've been having trouble coming up with blog ideas in recent weeks.

You'd know I'm a natural blonde who wants to be anything but. You'd know that I feel at odds with the blonde stereotype, you'd know that I am shy and awkward, dry and a little dark, not bubbly and sweet.

You'd know I do not suit black hair despite my best wishes, but I have had platinum, green, blue, brown, black and several types of red hair. You'd know I want to go orange-red next and I am trying to grow my hair out as long as it will go.

You'd know that the above is the shortest and lightest my hair has been. You'd know I cut it after my grandparents died, that I cut it when I realised I wasn't in the right place for me. You'd know that I didn't realise it at the time and that I have a fascination with women's relationship with their hair, that they often change things up during emotional distress.

You'd also know that if you ask me to make a derpy face, I will do it and hopefully an epic silly face competetition will arise! You'd know a few years ago I would never show a picture where I didn't look my "best".

You'd know that I only started wearing make-up two years ago and that before that I wore a fat girl uniform of oversized, ugly clothes from head to toe. You'd know that blogs and fatshion icons, like Beth Ditto made me realise I could wear the clothes I liked without having to lose weight.

You'd know that I was a typical 'emo' teenager, that I was in love with My Chemical Romance, wore all black and had a side swept fring and constant scowl. You'd know that it was at this point I began self harming and that I'm still in recovery from this.

You'd know that I was into these things because of my less than perfect home life. You'd know that both my parents are alcoholics, my mother has been sober for 4 years now, but my dad still drinks. You'd know depression and anxiety runs in my family and that I've been diagnosed with bipolar II. You'd know I've been on medication for 3 years and I'm doing a lot better these days.

You'd know that my favourite holiday was a school trip to Greece. You'd know this picture is me channeling Clytemnestra welcoming Agammenon home. You'd know I love greek myths and history.

You'd know I love to read, but sometimes I go for long stretches without picking up a book because I feel guilty that I'm not doing something "constructive".

You'd know that the above pictures, of a view from the hotel in Delphi, my friend and I in a Stratford grove and another friend and I during our Sixth Form prom, are my favourite pictures that include myself. You'd know they are beautiful memories for me.

You'd know I love tea and coffee and that I have a collection of cups that are my cups put aside specifically for these drinks. You'd know that I drink at least 1 cup of coffee a day and about 4-6 cups of tea.

You'd know that it has taken me years to get to grips with my sexuality and gender identity for many reasons. You'd know that I'm only "out" to only two people in real life, my best friend and one of my brothers. You'd know I'm pansexual. I am fiercely in favour of quiltbag (lgbt) rights.

You'd know my brother got me into My Little Pony, we always watch it together and Pinkie pie is my favourite, so I told people my nail varnish above was in her colours. Well Pinkie Pie's colours are also the pansexual flag. :)

What would I know about you?

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