Sunday, December 30, 2012

OotD: Dirty Little Freaks

Dogtooth Peplum Skirt ~ ASOS Curve
Ripped Black Top ~ eBay
Leather Look Biker Vest ~ New Look Inspire
Leggings ~ New Look Inspire
Creepers ~ Underground
Whistle Necklace ~ Vivienne Westwood
Lipstick ~ Kontrol by Illamasqua

This outfit was a brought together in a 20 minute dash before heading off to Sheffield for some shopping with my mother. If I had time to think I doubt I would have gabbed this top and skirt because I've been having difficulties knowing what to put with them. I love both of them, but I've yet to wear either piece.

I'm really happy with this outfit, I think it reflects my personal style very well.

 I've seen this skirt on quite a few plus size blogs, it can be dressed up in a thousand ways, but none of them felt very me. I've seen it with pussybow shirts, blouses, very ladylike and classy, so not me! Haha.

I went edgy with a little goth and punk mixed in. I think purple/dark coloured lipstick has become my go to lip colour. Also, might take more photos out in the woods, I like the backdrop of dead leaves.

Wish my hair was bigger, the higher the hair, the closer to God, as they say. Also, this is after I had my hair dyed a little more orange, I'll be slowly going more bright over 2013.

Love this necklace, it actually works as a whistle! :)

Do you have any items of clothing you love, but find hard to style?


  1. Hey Sian, thanks for your comments on my blog! I just discovered yours via twitter, looking forward to coming back to read more when I'm not on my phone. :)

    Bettie x