Friday, December 14, 2012

OotD: Everyone I See Just Wants To Walk With Gritted Teeth

Faux Fur Coat ~ Marks & Spencers
White T-Shirt ~ Dorothy Perkins
Grey & Black Striped Jeans ~ Dorothy Perkins
Black Hi-Top Wedges ~ Dorothy Perkins
Spiked Headband ~ Domino Dollhouse
Cross Earrings ~ ASOS
Cross Necklace ~ Rock N Rose
Lipstick ~ Beauty UK in Vampire

Sorry about the quality of these pictures. Winter is kicking my ass as far as taking pictures is going and my mother was freezing as we took these pictures!

Two new pieces I bought in the Dorothy Perkins sale, the jeans and the shoes. Two items I've wanted for what feels like years, striped jeans and wedge hi-tops, so when I came upon them in Dorothy Perkins I had to click buy.

I noticed now that I haven't posted an outfit with trousers since September! To be honest, I fell out of love with jeans and pants completely. I gained a little weight I think so the ones I had were tight, skirts fit better & felt more dressy so more worthy of being blogged about.

But if any jeans are blog worthy, these are it! They're super soft, lightweight, but not cold and I think I could've sized down, but they were out of stock. I've dreamed of those Motel jeans above and there hasn't been anything quite as close in any plus size store before now. (Except Domino Dollhouse leggings.)

Its officially cold enough for fur! Or at least faux fur. 

My eyebrows do not look this red in person, I promise! I think the light just washed them out. I love winter fashion, but winter blogging is so much harder and I haven't adjusted yet.

Wanted to put a picture up of my eye make-up but the light was against me. I've found my perfect red lipstick and I wanted to show off my well done cat eyeliner, but alas it didn't show up.

How are you adusting to the new season?

Jake Bugg ~ Lightning Bolt

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