Tuesday, December 18, 2012

OotD: Intergalactic Nun

Peter Pan Collar Tunic ~ Next via eBay
Skater Skirt ~ ASOS Curve
Galaxy Leggings ~ ASOS
'Iva' Brass Cross Necklace ~ Rock 'N Rose
Boots ~ Dr Martens with dalek laces from Dr. Who magazine
Owl Hoop Earrings ~ Cath Kidston

Sorry I look so tired, I'd been in college all day and it really takes it out of me! Plus I woke up late, so didn't get time to even put a scrap of make-up on.

I'll be honest, my brother took these pictures of me, probably a month (or two) ago! I kinda forgot about them. Ooops.

But, I clearly remember getting this outfit together, looking at myself and thnking "Why am I dressed like an Intergalatic Nun?" My answer now is "Why the hell not?!"

I am obsessed with these leggings, they are beautiful and 18s from the straight size legging section of ASOS, always a great place to look as leggings stretch so much.

I have to do another outfit with a shorter skirt or shorts because the pattern changes at the top and it is really beautiful.

I actually got this necklace free with an order from Rock N Rose. I ordered the blog famous Kora necklace and got the Iva free and honestly I was super dissapointed in the Kora and in love with the freebie.

I might post pictures of the Kora close up to show its deficits, but in short, it looks very cheap and more like platic than metal.

I am not usually a belt wearer, but this one came withe the skirt. I've bought ASOS belts on their own, but they never fit! Anyone else have this problem?

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