Saturday, December 08, 2012

Weekly Wishlist: Reboot

Hi, guys. You may have noticed I started making weekly wishlists and then stopped abruptly. The reason for this was my own computer related ineptitude. I am not good with graphic design and each weekly wishlist was a horrible struggle with me and photoshop. What I started as a quick stop between "real" blog posts turned into hours of tearful frustration, so I put them off and never got round to then.

I read quite a few other fashion blogs and was always a little jealous of how good they looked, including weekly wihslists. So I decided to do something about that, I emailed the lovely Natalie over at Extra Large as Life as her blog is immaculate and she is a kind soul, about what program she used to make her weekly wishlists. She emailed back very quickly and told me she used Paint Shop Pro. Thank you, Natalie!

After a little playing I found this program to be much more intuitive and easy to navigate for a (hopeless!) beginner than adobe photoshop. So, after a little look around I decided to make a new wishlist every day this week based on a favourite brand! I must say now I've got the hang of this I was rather enjoying myself, something I would have scoffed at last week.

New Look:

I know, I know, so much black, when I should be celebrating the glitter and glamour of this jolly season, but this is what I was drawn too. You can take the girl out of the goth scene, but I guess you can't take all the goth out of the girl!

But this wishlist does include some interesting things I've become a little obsessed with this winter, including mixing textures, leather, fringe, crochet, velvet, faux fur, lace & playing with volume.

If I could only pick one item? The black fringe dress. I couldn't give up a chance to dance in that dress. :)

Moral of the story: Never be afraid to ask others for help.

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