Friday, December 28, 2012

What a Lucky Holiday Haul!

[From left to right: McQ for Alexander McQueen Stepney Tote Bag, Vivienne Westwood Chancery Bag, Vivienne Westwood Whistle Necklace, Ciate Mini Mani Advent Calendar, Geek Chic Cosmetics Haul]

As you can, I have been very, very lucky this Christmas.

Not shown is a matching top and skirt that my mother bought me from a local shop. I'm sure they'll turn up in an outfit soon.

If I had to choose one designer house that I consistently love it will always end up with my mind splitting directly in two because who could choose between Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood?

Thankfully, my mother knows my weakness, so when she dropped my brother off to work in Sheffield and saw a really good designer sale, she decided that she and I should go check it out the next day. This ended up with me getting this gorgeous McQ tote bag and a Vivienne Westwood bag that is technically half the price it was because my mother and I will be sharing it. Gotta love shopper's logic. ;)

Honestly, I've always loved fashion, but I never thought I would own anything designer. In recent years I've inherited a Mulberry bag from my mother and have an Alexander McQueen scarf from eBay that for I know could be a fake. But this bag, I am just so in love. Its gorgeous soft leather and big enough for all the crap I carry. Might add pictures of the inside as its an interesting print.

I really adore this razor label, which you can push back inot the fob in case you don't want to show it. I've always been wearing this Viv necklace a lot, its actually quite a loud working whistle and it has an orb on the front clasp. I've also used it doubled up as a bracelet.

This is technically a present fom myself and a sneak peek at what I will hopefully be swatching and reviewing over the weekend.

I ordered the Superneutrals (based on the tv show Supernatural), Win or Die (based on A Song of Ice and Fire books/Game of Thrones tv show), a sample of We Are Coming (Dr. Who) and 2 solid perfumes based on Harley Quinn and Pyramid Head.

Oh and you can see the candy cane that came as well as a free eyeshadow sample.

I also bought the ciate mini mani advent calendar, one for myself and another for my friend. I am really impressed with the range of colours in this set and I'll be blogging all the colours and eventually all swatches too.

How was your Christmas, everyone get something nice?

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