Monday, December 23, 2013

Be Safe This Christmas

Christmas can be a very hard time of the year. Depression, anxiety, family problems and alcoholics family members can make Christamas hard for me personally and I know there are many of you out their with similar problems. I just want everyone to be safe this Christmas, so if you feel in danger in anyway or just need to vent, please call one of these numbers below.

If you are suicidal or in danger of hurting yourself, please call 999 (UK) or your own country's emergency services. Please do not go through this alone, ask for help, it doesn't make you weak, it makes you indescribably strong.

Remember to make your safety number one, especially during hard times like the holidays.


0300 123 3393


08457 90 90 90

Alcoholics Anonymous

0845 769 7555
(As a child of alcoholics and someone who knows many people who have gone through addiction with and without AA I cannot promote them here. I believe they are more harm than help. Below are alternatives.)

National Alcohol Hotline

0800 917 8282

NACOA (National Association for Children of Alcoholics)

0800 358 3456


Info line 08000 50 20 20

London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard

0207 837 7324

0845 767 8000

Preventing young suicide

0800 068 4141

For people in Northern Ireland

0808 808 8000


0800 1111



0808 2000 247

Eating Disorders Association

0845 634 1414


0808 800 4444

NHS Direct

0845 4647

No Panic

0808 808 0545

Cruse Bereavement Care

Child Death Hepline

0800 282 986

Hearing Voices Network

  0114 271 8210

Age UK Advice Line
0800 169 6565

 National Self Harm Network

0800 622 6000

Talk To Frank (Drug information & advice)

 0800 77 66 00

Rape and Abuse Line
0808 8000 123 (Answered by Female Support Workers) 
0808 8000 122 (Answered by Male Support Workers)

SupportLine Telephone Helpline
01708 765200

(Confidential emotional support for Children, Young People and Adults. Also keeps details of agencies, support groups and counsellors throughout the UK)

If you need someone, please call one of these numbers. You are NOT alone over Christmas, there are people out there that care, I care.


I know a lot of people have problems talking on the phone (or do not have the privacy to do so), so this year I am adding some online chat resources.

(If you are in crisis or considering suicide, please click the Chat Now button to talk with one of our volunteers.)

You can email the Samaritans at

Mental Earth
Online chat capabilities for those with mental illness

Now have an online chat system.

If you know of any that should be on this list, please share and I will add them on.


Combat Stress
A Veteran & Soldier's Mental Health Charity
Helpline 0800 138 1619

Saturday, November 23, 2013

OotD: Big Boots, Big Bow.

Tartan Pinafore ~ Alice & You at ASOS
White T-Shirt ~ Dorothy Perkins
Knee High Boots ~ Fashion World *
Velvet Skull Bow ~ H&M
Crochet Tights ~ M&S
Cross Necklace ~ ASOS
Miss World Necklace ~ Black Heart Creatives
Lipstick ~ Disciple by Illamasqua

Hello, lovelies.

Or should I say, my long suffering lovelies? I know, I know, its been an absolute age since I've posted, but university began and as some of you may know the extra stress and activity caused my old leg injury to become quite a problem. This has meant I have been wearing my most basic, comfy scruffs for weeks. To be honest, I am sick of leggings, maxi skirts and baggy shirts, so today on my mum's birthday I decided to bring a little goth glam back into my life!

This outfit has everything I am about this winter apart from maybe a fluffy cardigan, it has tartan, velvet, dark lipstick, crochet details and most importantly boots! I am a boot fiend, I love everything from docs to my leopard print knee highs! They can be pretty and glamorous or badass and dangerous. The only problem is with size 9 feet and big, fat calves it can be a nightmare actually finding a pair that does up.

So I was very happy when the people at Fashion World contacted me about their Legroom range of boots. I like having a pair of black, knee high boots in the winter, they go with everything and become a real workhouse piece and my last pair just gave up the ghost so I was thrilled when I got these beauties in the post.

There are some great instructions on the Fashion World website about how to measure your calves to find your size, I will just say measure a few times because in my excitement I initially got a pair that was slightly too small. This 9E Curvy Plus pair are absolutely gorgeous though, enough room for thick socks or leggings and they don't feel huge and gaping when I'm wearing thin tights like today.

I am very impressed with them, my last pair were around the same price and nowhere near the quality, they fell apart disappointingly quickly. The leather in my new pair is lovely and soft, the inner lining is lovely and warm, perfect for cold walks on frosty days, can you tell I'm a winter person yet? The fit is lovely and unlike my last pair they are a lot more fashionable, the two straps and seams along the side have definite hints towards the riding boot trend without being a disposable trend led item.

As you can see in the above picture and on the Fashion World website the elastic on the side of the boots reaches from the bottom all the way to the top. This detail really impressed me as I have encountered so many "plus size" boots which only have a tiny triangle of elastic at the top, which makes them impossible to close. With my current leg injury this detail also means the boots don't get uncomfortable and tight if my ankle begins to swell. So I would say they're suitable for anyone who has problems with their ankles or feet swelling too.

Oh and my hair changed again! Is anyone surprised that it is almost a normal colour? It supposed to be blue black, like an incredibly dark blue or black with a  blue shone to it, but its not quite how I envisioned it. I still like it, I love having dark hair, but I might add a bit more blue to it soon.

 I want to know people's opinions about this double necklace thing, its something I used to do a lot when I was younger a short & long necklace together, then someone told me it was "trashy", so I stopped. I quite like it so I'm bringing it back, especially when the necklaces are as fab as this Hole inspired Black Hearts Creative piece.

Any now for some pic spam of my face mainly because my brother actually flinched when he saw me today. Why does dark lipstick and amazing accessories freak people out so much?! :P

 How are you all, its been so long, anything I've missed in the blogosphere? 

*(The boots were given to me by Fashion World, but all opinions are my own and if I do accept more items from companies I will always give my full and truthful review.)

Monday, October 21, 2013

OotD: Most Dangerous Kinds Of People

Hello, you may not remember, I'm that blogging lady, silly purple hair, wears a lot of black?

I must apologise for my absence, university starting, a long illness and a small existential crisis do not make the perfect recipe for frequent blog posts. Now I feel a little more on my feet I hope to update more often. I am definitely dressing up more since I have to go into university five days a week.

Of course, I get my mojo back as the light is fading, flashy washed out photos abound!

Black Velvet Babydoll Dress ~ ASOS Curve
Leggings ~ New Look Inspire
Bat Scarf ~ ASOS
Monki Socks ~ ASOS
White TUK Creepers ~ ebay
Acrylic Necklace ~ Black Heart Creatives

 Basically as soon as I saw beckpoppins on the tumblr with this scarf (looking so much more put together & fab than me) I had to have it.

Found on deviantart here
 What I thought as a gust of wind caught my scarf. God I love The Simpsons.

Picture spam because I am feeling it today.

This entire outfit was inspired by this text post I saw on tumblr early this morning:

girls who can wear red lipstick casually and pull it off are the most dangerous kinds of people

I adore dark shades of lipstick, but shy away from red during the day time, well screw that, I am the most dangerous kind of person now because I am on a path to not caring what anyone thinks of me.

One precious item I have acquired during my blog hiatus is this Black Heart Creatives double backed acrylic necklace. In case you cannot see it says "Sorry, I'm Not Made of Sugar", which is a quote from Adventure Time by my favourite character Marceline the Vampire Queen! I think its a lovely phrase without that context too because I'm not as the children's rhyme goes made of "sugar and spice and everything nice." No, sir, not me!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

OotD: Them Bones

Mint Bone Print Dress ~ Domino Dollhouse
Lace Shorts Leggings ~ Allihalla
White Creepers ~ TUK via ebay
Ribcage Necklace ~ Black Heart Creatives
Lipstick ~ Deeply Adored by MAC (Marilyn Monroe Collection)

My first week at MMU is going well and I am taking the time to dress up because once we start making things I'll be in my scruffs!

Flashed these at my mother who was scandalised I was wearing "French knickers"... Um, no, mum, just comfort shorts to protect against chub rub!

Why have one layer of bones when you can double up with bone accessories?

Order another brooch and custom necklace from Black Heart Creatives, can't wait for it to arrive!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

OotD: Autumnal Aspirations

Stag Jumper ~ Dorothy Perkins (Tall Section)
Burgundy Skinny Jeans ~ George at Asda
Trench Coat ~ SimplyBe
White Creepers ~ TUK via ebay
Golden Apple Necklace ~ Not sure, maybe ebay
Apple Ring ~ ebay
Lipstick ~ 'Rosary' Kat von D

The majority of what I blog is either for Marvelous Mondays or when I feel like dressing up, but I've decided to blog more of my everyday outfits. Then I'll be posting more content and also showing a better representation of what this fat goth wears most of the time.

As you may know, I am starting university very soon, so my fashion will most likely be leaning towards comfort and practicality, especially as an art student. These two words tend to put the fear of God into true fashionistas, good thing I'm not one of them then! Clothes being practical and comfortable doesn't mean giving up your personal style or wearing anything you don't want to, it just means adapting things and realising what makes you most comfortable. For some people, fitted dresses and vertiginous heels are perfect because that is what makes them comfortable and they have a lifestyle that works with those items, other people find elastic waists and sensible shoes suit them to a t. There is no wrong way to do personal style that fits with your life.

This autumn I am loving dark red, deep emerald green, jersey everything, tartan, eyeliner everyday, flatforms, and jumpers as long as they are not Christmas monstrosities.This jumper is my favourite purchase for a while, the sleeves are actually long enough to reach my hands, its gorgeously soft and the stag reminds me of my favourite tv show of the moment, Hannibal. Morbid, but I love it.

I cannot believe I've never blogged this trench coat as I live in it all autumn. I won it on Kellie B's blog maybe 2 years ago (?) and its still going strong. I hate those "Every woman needs an x" pieces of fashion advice, but if its true for anything its true for the trench coat.

Lots of pictures of my face because despite the weird things my hair is doing I am very much feeling vain today.

What are you all loving for this autumn?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Marvelous Mondays: Nautical

Jumper ~ Next
Skirt ~ M&S
Leggings ~ New Look
Boat Necklace ~ Topshop
White Creepers ~ TUK via ebay 
Lipstick ~ 'Rosary' Kat von D

Late for a very important date! Sorry for the late post, but my brother was building my new computer yesterday and I was visiting friends, so it just didn't happen.

I am not sure what my mother was on when she was taking these pictures, but the only decent ones were diagonal. Sorry if this makes your eyes feel weird like it does to mine!

Nautical was difficult for me as its not a trend I have many pieces for. (Oh and yes I did suggest it, silly me!) I thought the buttons on this skirt had a nautical feel as did my sailboat necklace.

It has been chucking it down this week. I did my hair into an amazing deathhawk and the rain squashed it!

Look how sweety and semi-innocent I can look! ;P

Now check out everyone else's outfits!

Friday, September 06, 2013

My New Obsession: ASOS Pinafore Dresses Review

 Pinafore or dungaree dresses have been around in straight size fashion for over a year now, so of course they are just starting to trickle into plus sizes. The first place I saw them was ASOS who now have five different styles of pinafore. As a pinafore obsessive I have tried all of them!

I thought I'd share my observations on size as they vary and you will probably need to size up differently with some of the dresses.

The first, Curve's acid wash denim dungaree dress has already appeared on this blog and is here on sale for £24 available in sizes UK 18-28.

Generally I buy ASOS dresses in a size 24 for comfort, but as this denim has no stretch I bought the 26. I could get into the 24 but it was too tight for my taste. As you can see there is some extra room in the chest, not too much that I mind, but enough so that people with larger chests don't need to worry too much.

If you like a more body conscious style then stay with your regular size, otherwise I would advise sizing up.

This pinafore dress is no longer available in the black version, but still on the site for £25 in khaki here available in sizes UK 20-28 (18 is out of stock as I write this post).

I missed this when it first came around and it went out of stock in black without me buying it. So stalked it and grabbed it up when one became available in 24, thanks whoever returned this! 

I saw this come in as a 24 and bought it praying it would have more stretch than the denim verions..... And it did! If you have a jersey asos dress it is built just like that in lovely stretchy material.

This is a boon in the sizing department because this size fits beautifully and is so comfortable. Yet the thick material of the other dresses gives them more structure, you have to mess around with the straps on this one a bit more, nothing too strenous, but I thought worth mentioning.

It would be nice if the skirt was more flared or skater in style, but its still a lovely dress and I think sticking a petticoat underneath it will kick up the volume nicely.

I would say stick to yoru regular ASOS dress size, heck I could have sized down if I prefered the bodycon look, but be assured this dress has a lovely amount of stretch. I would say the bottom part is very much comparable to the fit of the ASOS jersey skater skirts with elastic waists.

 This dress is a leatherette dress by a new plus brand for ASOS Alice & You and can be found here for £39 in sizes UK 18-26 (the 28 in unavailable at the time I write this). In these pictures I am wearing a size 26, I also ordered the 24, but could only just squeeze into it.

I want to love this dress so badly, but for me the fit is bizarre! The top gapes, but the bottom is so tight I can only just walk. I showed my mum and brother the top and they messed around with the straps so see if tightening it made it look better and it did slightly, but the whole thing is a mess on me and not a hot one. I could fit another person in the chest with me, the shape shown online made me think the bottom would be slightly a-line, but its more like a pencil skirt.

Perhaps this dress would better suit someone with a bigger chest and smaller stomach. I'm really disapointed with this one as if it was sized and shaped better it would be a knock out dress that I would never get rid of.

I don't even know what to suggest for sizing here apart from size up and hope you're the shape this dress is designed for. Great for those who actually have boobs unlike me, ha.

This dark wash denim pinafore dress can be found here for £38 available in sizes UK 18-28. 

I am wearing the 26 in these pictures, but I also ordered the 24 just in case. The 24 did fit well, but I tend to prefer a more relaxed look as that's what I am comfortable with. The material is not stretchy, but a lovely soft denim.

I'd say order your normal ASOS size if you like the fitted look, but if you're more into the relaxed, comfy feel then size up.

I apologise for the mobile pictures and how out of it I look, I don't feel very well, so I cut a corner or two.

Hope you enjoyed my reviews, not something I normally do, but this might be changing.