Sunday, February 17, 2013

Inspiration of the Week: Lauren Zuniga

I'm not in a place mentally to get dressed up at the moment. Especially seeing as our house is being rewired so my clothes are all over the place and its super dusty at the moment, so I'll be doing some different blog posts for a little while.

I've been wanting to do an inspiration of the week post for ages, I think it'll be a fun thing to keep track of seeing as I am inspired by thousands of disparate things.

This week I've been listening to poetry a lot. I'm a huge fan of slam poetry and I really discovered and follow it through youtube as I don't think there's a big poetry scene in my city unfortunately.

Laura Zuniga is an amazing poet, who I first found on youtube after listening to Andrea Gibson (who is also absolutely fantastic) and having youtube recommend Lauren. I also follow her on tumblr.

Confessions of an Uneducated Queer.

I feel like the last few years I've fucked up a lot. I dropped out of university, I failed tonnes of classes, I've lost a few friends, I've drifted away from people, I feel like my mental health has been declining, I broke my ankle, I moved back in with my parents. But on the other hand in the last few years I've learnt a lot just not in the conventional manner. I don't have a certificate in trans* 101, white privelege, gender and sexual minorities, modern feminism or body acceptance, but I feel like I know myself and I know so much more than I ever have before. This poem really speaks to the part of me that is always fucking up in a million different ways, who has internalised misogny, homophobia, transphobia and racism, all that crap that society throws at us, but also to the part of me which challenges all those things and tries to be better.

I would really recommend you look her up on youtube, a few specific recs are: To The Oklahoma Lawmakers, Women Behind Bars, Girl:Exploded, Personhood.

Hope you all enjoy this post.

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