Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OotD: This is Halloween, This is Halloween!

Ramone T-Shirt ~ HMV
Black Skirt ~ Next (Very old!)
Black Petticoat ~ Domino Dollhouse
Orange/Black Knee Socks ~ ASOS
Creepers ~ Undergound UK
Spike Headband ~ ASOS
Bracelets ~ Topman (£1 in the sale!)
Black Lipstick ~ Pristine by Illamasqua

I dyed my hair!

I am also stating the obvious! Haha, I've been in such a rut lately and I've always thought changing something about the way you look can kick you back into action. So I stripped the horrible brown/red in my hair and slapped on Special Effects in Napalm Orange.

 After putting a few pics of my newly orange hair while wearing black lipsticks a few people said I looked like halloween, so I decided to play up that idea! I have never worn these socks before just because I felt they were too halloween, but fuck it, I think they match my hair quite nicely. :D

 This is an ok-ish representation of my hair before I stripped it. I used Decolour Hair Stripper, which if you have short hair I would recommend, but with hair my length I needed three boxes, which is expensive as each box is £13! I needed to get rid of the colour and it didn't damage my hair like bleach would have, but I wouldn't do it too often because of the price.

I planned on just something unnatural and bright, so often I go back to "normal" hair colour, but it just isn't me, so now I'm dying my own hair crazy colours. Plus its cheaper than salon dyes!

Bonus pictures that I put up on tumblr:

While I do feel a little better, I also feel a little strange, days seem to be going so quickly. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of blogging, the problem is when you're out of the habit, then it can be very difficult to remember to work at it.

Hope you're all ok, my loves. :)

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