Monday, April 15, 2013

Marvelous Mondays: Breaking a Fashion Rule

Welcome to the eighth instalment of Marvelous Mondays, a weekly blog challenge between myself and four other fabulous fatshion bloggers. Make sure to go check out their outfits today, too! Links are at the bottom of the post.

Our philosophy: Monday is nobody’s favorite day of the week, but maybe its terrible reputation is a little undeserved. We’re on a mission to make ours (and hopefully yours) a little less awful by dressing marvelously!


This week’s theme: Breaking a Fashion"Rule"

Pleather Vest ~ New Look Inspire
Sheer Sparkly Top ~ Forever21 +
Black Crop Top ~ BHS (I think? Its ancient)
Pleather Shorts ~ Very
Boots ~ Doc Martens
Ankh Earrings ~ New Look
Gold Cuff ~ ASOS 
Once again, the wind loves my fashion choices! This week was about breaking fashion "rules", which made me think about how fat or plus size people are told they must dress to be that awful word "flattering". So I went for something unflattering, but I like it anyway!
I did a leather version of double denim, a sheer shirt, my muffin top is on show and I'm mixing silver and gold accessories. Plus even though you can't super see it I haven't shaved my legs in months and months.
My stomach and thighs, some of the fattest bits of me are on show and to be honest I thought I'd be freaking out at this point, especially as they are now on the internet, somewhere not famed for its kindness to fatties. But weirdly I'm ok with it, I like my body and I like who I am. When I dress up ridiculously it shows my sense of humour and frivolity and I'm ok with that, so come on take your best shot!

 I'll be honest I wore this outfit for about 20 minutes only because I am really ill, so I'm not wearing any make-up either.

 My brother took these pictures and he insisted that I do a jacket over one shoulder shot, which came out hilarious so I had to include them. He also told me I should have just worn my pyjamas for this challenge, but I thought this was more interesting.

 Also, look at all the sun in these pictures, its finally Spring in the UK, at least for today.
Sorry, there isn't a whole lot of text today, I feel like death right now so I'm off to curl up on my sofa again.
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