Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Look Inspire Haul: Pop Art Dress, Body Con & Cute Accessories!

Of course, the logical thing to do when you have very little money and an impulse control problem is to peruse every plus size clothing website at 1 am on Monday morning.

This unfortunate set of circumstances meant that I ended up buying a few things. Ooops?

So to quell some of my guilt I thought I'd try them on, take some pictures and send them back, but then I fell in love! But here are some unstyled pictures of my haul anyway.


This midi, bodycon, pop art print dress was £18.99 and I bought it in a size 22.

Despite it not even being a week since I first saw this dress, it seems to have completely sold out in the plus size section of New Look. Here is a link to the straight size version. I'm wearing a size 22 and it fits perfectly for me, but if you like your bodycon truly tight then you could always see what the size 18 would be like?

Apologies for how rough I look, but I've got a cold and my hair isn't long enough to go into a ponytail so I end up looking a little odd when I put it up.

For some reason my mother was insistent on taking a picture of the word "Whizz" on the arm, so this is obviously a very important aspect of the dress! Haha.

To be honest, bodycon dresses have always scared me a bit, on other fatties I love them, but I was always hesitent to even try them on. It was the pop art/comic print that broke me with this dress and I am really glad I went for it. 

The dress is made up of super stretchy jersey material, so its incredibly comfortable. I even really like the length as on my 5ft 7 body it hits my knee and is tight enough to create that lovely pencil shape on my legs. I also like the length of the sleeves, which is odd as 3/4 length sleeves usually send me into a rage, but because they're tight to the skin (comfortably so) they don't bother me at all.

I'm looking forward to dressing this up a hundred different ways,

This dress is still for sale on the New Look website here. I also bought this in size 22.

I bought this because I can imagine loads of shirts, tops, jackets and cardigans on top of it looking amazing with the high neck peeping out. I love a high or turtle neck, I think putting a nice necklace over a high neck is just the bee's knees. 

I wasn't as sure about this one as it highlights my vbo much more than the above dress, but I imagine with some tights or leggings underneath it'll look better. Plus I don't think you can become comfortable with your body without pushing your boundaries a little.

 Picture of the top for anyone who wants to see. I like the contrast of the fact it has no sleeves, but such a high neckline.

Here is everything I bought. I like that New Look had buy one, get one free on their jewellery lines, especially as their jewellery is already very pocket friendly.

 Yeah, so the cat bag is from the Teens section of the site, which for the young at heart does have some cute accessories.

I think I might do a gothic look with the ankhs and the black cat bag soon.

New Look jewellery isn't top grade stuff, but for the price I think its pretty good and especially if you're buying into trends its fantastic for fast fashion.

Anyone bought anything new recently?

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