Thursday, April 04, 2013

Wishlist: 90s Fever

1. Floral Denim Vest, Forever21 +, £16.75
2. Print Bandeau, Forever21 +, £6.50
3. Ophelia Flower Crown, Rock n Rose, £42
4. Tie Dye Fringe Skirt, ASOS, £30 (Straight size only, but I might see if an 18 fits.)
5. Crochet Denim Shorts, ASOS Curve, £28
6. Urban Decay Lipgloss in Perversion, House of Fraser, £13
7. Lace Panelled Maxi Dress, Forever21 +, £16.75
8. Spiked Hair Crown, ASOS, £10
9. Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion, House of Fraser, £14

So, maybe its the idea of spring or looking forward in the year to festival season, but I've been really feeling the 90s at the moment and I'm really glad that some plus size retailers are feeling it too!

Grab your short shorts, crop tops, denim vests, dark lippy, tie dye, fringing and a crown, its time for summer. If only!

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