Wednesday, May 08, 2013

52 Lists: List The Things You Should Be Proud Of

I've been away from my weekly blogs for a while due to bad news, college woes and depression issues, but I am back and will be trying to be a more active blogging presence. This was also a hard list for me because I'm naturally someone who undersells themselves, so asking me what I'm proud of? It flusters me, but now is not the time to be humble. Perhaps I should practise talking about my achievements?

  • Impressive a-level & GCSE grades
  • Distinctions in my current course
  • My creativity
  • I know myself, my limits and I respect those limits
  • I was strong enough to ask for help
  • I left university when it was too much
  • I have a talent that I am pursuing
  • Over the past few years I have begun a journey of body & self acceptance
  • I experiment with my style even when society tells me I should disappear
  • I teach myself new things (e.g knitting, jewellery techniques, recipes, crafts, etc)
  • I'm a good listener
  • My intellectual curiosity
  • The way that I think, which is very out of the box
  • I do not drink too excess (or at all recently) despite my background
  • My ability to laugh at myself
  • I embrace the things that make me different
  • My passion for art, literature, intersectional feminism & social justice
  • I am a fighter
  • Despite all the odds I am surviving & growing as a person

This weekly challenge was made by Moorea Seal, so go check her out & the challenge.

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