Monday, May 27, 2013

Marvelous Mondays: Inspired by Each Other

Welcome to the another instalment of Marvelous Mondays, a weekly blog challenge between myself and four other fabulous fatshion bloggers. 

Make sure to go check out their outfits today, too! Links are at the bottom of the post.
Our philosophy: Monday is nobody’s favorite day of the week, but maybe its terrible reputation is a little undeserved. We’re on a mission to make ours (and hopefully yours) a little less awful by dressing marvelously!

Theme of the Week: Inspired By Each Other

Leather Jacket ~ Florence & Fred
Black Skater Skirt ~ ASOS Curve
Wings T-Shirt ~ ASOS Maternity
Brown Boots ~ Next
Locket Necklace ~ Vintage
Feather Bracelet ~ Made by me
Lipstick ~ Sweet Tart Revlon  Lip Butter

This week the theme is an outfit based on another blogger from the challenge, I was assigned Jocelyn from Fat, Fashionable and Feminist. I loved this theme as I think it will show the diversity we have in this challenge. As a group I think we have a great variety of styles that show that plus size/fat women are not one homogeneous group we're interesting individuals with eclectic styles.

 One of the things I love about Jocelyn's style is that she chooses very classic pieces and adds edgy touches, she has some really fab leather pieces. She also has a lot of great shoes, so I brought out these heels I haven't been able to wear since I broke my ankle. I only wore them for about ten minutes and I was like a baby dear!

Though Jocelyn wears more colour than this I hope I did a good job capturing her style.

I got this t-shirt recently and I'm in love! I've never bought something from the maternity section of a store before, mainly out of embarassment, but this was too cute to pass over. Also, if you're shaped like I am with your weight mainly being around your stomach maternity shirts fit really well. This is an 18 and fits with room to spare.


I should have taken better pictures of my make-up as I used the free sample of Benefit "They're Real!" mascara I got with Elle magazine. It is amazing! I am sold and will be buying the full one when my maybelline runs out.

If you want to join our challenge just contact me or one of the other Marvelous Monday ladies.

Now check out everyone else's metallic outfits!

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