Friday, May 31, 2013

OotD: Summer Gothic

Today has been a pretty good day, I won the Black Hearts Creatives necklace giveaway, had some really good customer service from Domino Dollhouse and went for a lovely breezy, summer walk with my mum and the dogs.

Green Polka Dot Peter Pan Collar Dress ~ Domino Dollhouse
Lace Cuffed Bike Shorts ~ Allihalla
Creepers ~ Underground UK
Cat Ears Headband ~ ASOS
Fake Gauge Earrings ~ ASOS
Black Lipstick ~ Pristine by Illamasqua

Yesterday one of the pieces I have been waiting for came out at Domino Dollhouse, the Zippered Full Skirt, which I wanted very badly. As a UK resident buying from America can be expensive, especially as there are a few more pieces from Nuclear Seasons that I want. I commented on DD's facebook page to this effect and I had an immediate, very friendly response.

I then emailed them & was told that I could have these pieces held and sent with the other pieces I want when they come out. As Domino Dollhouse is a indie company this first part still has to be paid for when you order it & you receive a refund on delivery saved when you order the second time, but  I think this is a fantastic service, especially for those of us who are not lucky enough to live in the States.

I have to stay I was totally thrilled with with the warm and geniunely helpful respone I got. Customer service can so often be frustrating, but not in this case. I was so happy that I realised I really don't showcase my Domino Dollhouse pieces here enough, thus today's post.

I was feeling a little witchy today, so I decided to have a picture taken with my black dog as I don't have a black cat. ;p

Fairly proud of my cat eyeliner, so I decided to become a cat for the day.
Make-Up Tutorial

Then I decided to be a dinosaur and my mother captured this:

Why, yes, I am technically an adult, in body, but never in spirit!

Hope you all had a wonderful day.

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