Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Showcase: My College Jewellery Efforts '2012-13

After posting an outfit a few weeks ago showcasing a ring I made in my college course I thought I'd make a post about the jewellery I've made so far on in class.

Brief #1 : Textured Pieces Inspired by African Art Exhibition

(Copper, Feather Textured Artefact)

 (Copper, Woodgrain Textured Pendant)
Extremely Image Heavy Post
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(Copper, Woodgrain Textured Pendant)

(Copper, Woodgrain Textured Earring)

 (Copper, Woodgrain Textured Earrings)

(Copper, Barbaric Textured & Formed Ring)

(Copper, Punched & Right To Freedom, Oxidised Bangle)

Brief #2: Armour Inspired Brooches

(Copper & Formica Cold Connection Brooch)

(Copper & CD Terry Pratchet Quote Brooch)

Brief #3: Pendant Inspired by Paper Art Exhibition

(Copper & Brass Jeanette Winterson/Corrosion Quote Pendant)

Brief #4: Cast Ring Inspired by Yorkshire Sculpture Park

(Three Cast Rings: 2 Small. Textured Silver Rings & 1 Thick Bronze Ring)

 (As Modelled By Moi!)

 I was going to knock this into a few posts, but its really nice seeing my progress through the year. I think I've come a long way both in skill and design quality.

I have one more brief to fulfill, where I have to use wire and set a cabachon into my final piece, which I will post when I finish it.

I hope you like my work as I'm sure you'll be seeing more of it.

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