Sunday, June 23, 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 10 Secrets

Ten Secrets:
  • I cannot ride a bike despite being taught twice, every summer I say I'll try and learn again!
  •  I have very fuzzy, early memories of my great grandmother, I have no idea if they're real or not.
  • I can only fall asleep in pitch black while listening to podcasts on my iphone. I'm partial to The Bugle, Kevin Smith's various podcasts and You Look Nice Today.
  • I got a failing mark on an Easter based arts and crafts project in primary school. I was probably about 7 and had my first panic attack.
  • I am quite obsessive, for example, if I like an actor in something I will look them up and watch everything I can find they've been in or if I read a book and like that author or topic everything will revolve around that. My designs and school work even gets affected by these obsessions.
  • I find it almost impossible to guess someones age correctly.
  • I spent my whole life never wanting children. In the last year I've been questioning this though I still would never have biological children as I would prefer to adopt.
  • I feel constantly guilty that I'm not "out" in real life.
  • I have almost constant conversations and daydreams going on in my head, which might explain how quiet and spacey I am.
  • I remember seeing a documentary about cosmetic surgery as a small child where a woman was made taller and another had her feet made smaller. I really wanted both of these surgeries. I still would like to be taller and have size 7 or 8 feet though not with quite such drastic measures.

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