Sunday, June 30, 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 3 Films

Three Films:

My favourite film it made me completely change my view of films. I had quite a low view of "old" movies before seeing this and I ignored anything made before the year 2000! Ridiculous I know as there are so many great films of all eras. The tension in 12 Angry Men and the way its shot all in one room is masterful. You're gripped every second and I highly recommend it to all.

As mentioned on my Ten Secrets post I can get obsessive, which leads me to see everything in a particular genre or with a particular actor in it. I am so glad this happened with Joseph Gordon Levitt or I would never have ended up seeing Manic. I watched it for the first time just after I had been diagnosed with bipolar II, while the title suggests its all about bipolar disorder its actually about mental illness in teens and young adults in general. Really interesting and has a special place in my heart though trigger warnings for suicide, abuse, mental health issues and talk about assault. Don Cheadle is incredible in his role I am very suprised he didn't win any awards for his performance.

 Stanley Kubrick, Peter Sellers & very dark cold war humour? Classic! If you haven't seen this please do yourself a favour and give it a go. Its so funny, dark and surreal, you'll be quoting it for years to come.

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