Wednesday, June 26, 2013

OotD (Marvelous Mondays Late Post): Blue Skies Are Forming

And a very late Marvelous Mondays to you, my dear followers.

No post on me on Monday due to some post burglary blues, but I am back on my feet and my course show was tonight. So I put on an outfit and some ridiculous lipstick!

All phone pictures I'm afraid as my camera was stolen in the robbery. Blog Sale is still going on to raise money to get a new one, thank you so much to those who have already bought something. :)

Black Metalic Zip Skirt ~ Domino Dollhouse
Ink T-Shirt ~ Marks & Spencers
Creepers ~ Underground UK
Planchette Necklace ~ Handmade
Resin Heart Brooch ~ Handmade
Rose Earrings ~ Handmade
Jewellery Is Life Badge ~ London Design Gallery
Lipstick ~ Apocalips by Illamasqua

Oh yes the much lusted after Zipper Skirt! Spent some of my last pennies on it a while ago and all I can say is.... Worth it!

I don't know what it is about Domino Dollhouse, but their clothes fit me so well. Most shops I preemptively size up or have to buy 3 versions before I find something that fits me.With DD I have only sent one thing back and that is the first thing I bought because I sized up too high as I was used to it!

The material is really lovely stretch spandex with a great eye catching metallic shimmer to it and the zip at the front is an awesome chunky piece, which I adore. It is longer than I expected, I am 5 foot 7 (ish) and it goes to my knees. I do like how it looks though, next time I'm going to put a DD petticoat underneath for extra flounce.

Wish I had better pictures of my accessories, which are all made by me, but my phone's camera is sucky. I figured I best wear my own wares at my end of year show though its all made of polymer clay whereas my college work is made of metal mainly.

Last monday's challenge theme was "Inspired by a Song" and I chose Blue Skies by Noah and the Whale as its about new beginnings.

 Blooper Time!

My phone case is Marceline from Adventure Time so she was facing me when my brother took my pictures, so I decided to act like a vampire for a few shots. I do not know what is wrong with me sometimes!

Hope you're all well, my doves.

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