Wednesday, June 05, 2013

OotD: Purple Mericorns & SimplyBe Blogger Take Over

Mericorn T-Shirt ~ TK Maxx
Pleather Vest ~ New Look Inspire
Vertical Striped Leggings ~ ASOS Curve
Black Skater Skirt ~ ASOS Curve
Creepers ~ Underground UK
Earrings, Bracelets & Heart Brooch ~ Handmade
Lipstick ~ Kontrol by Illamasqua

On Monday, Lauren of Pocket Rocket Fashion put out on twitter that she had 4 places for a Simply Be event in Manchester today, I immediately jumped on this and spent all of Tuesday making myself look presentable. ;P

Gone is the horrible fading green and long part that I didn't know what to do with, in with the purple short hair. I'm in love with this colour, the sides are supposed to be lighter, but oh well.

The event was focussed on the three dresses that have been designed by Lauren (Pocket Rocket Fashion), Laura (What Laura Loves) and Emma (Oh The Places You'll Go). I will make a separate post about that, but suffice to say the dresses are gorgeous and I had a wonderful time.

 I have dubbed the creature upon this shirt a Mericorn, part unicorn made mermaid. I know the botoom is more likely a snake or something, but its my shirt!

And yes I dyed my eyebrows too! First time trying that so they're a bit lighter than I'd like, but I love the effect as usually I have no brows.

And, as always, an outtake:

My brother always manages to capture me at my worst!

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