Thursday, September 19, 2013

OotD: Autumnal Aspirations

Stag Jumper ~ Dorothy Perkins (Tall Section)
Burgundy Skinny Jeans ~ George at Asda
Trench Coat ~ SimplyBe
White Creepers ~ TUK via ebay
Golden Apple Necklace ~ Not sure, maybe ebay
Apple Ring ~ ebay
Lipstick ~ 'Rosary' Kat von D

The majority of what I blog is either for Marvelous Mondays or when I feel like dressing up, but I've decided to blog more of my everyday outfits. Then I'll be posting more content and also showing a better representation of what this fat goth wears most of the time.

As you may know, I am starting university very soon, so my fashion will most likely be leaning towards comfort and practicality, especially as an art student. These two words tend to put the fear of God into true fashionistas, good thing I'm not one of them then! Clothes being practical and comfortable doesn't mean giving up your personal style or wearing anything you don't want to, it just means adapting things and realising what makes you most comfortable. For some people, fitted dresses and vertiginous heels are perfect because that is what makes them comfortable and they have a lifestyle that works with those items, other people find elastic waists and sensible shoes suit them to a t. There is no wrong way to do personal style that fits with your life.

This autumn I am loving dark red, deep emerald green, jersey everything, tartan, eyeliner everyday, flatforms, and jumpers as long as they are not Christmas monstrosities.This jumper is my favourite purchase for a while, the sleeves are actually long enough to reach my hands, its gorgeously soft and the stag reminds me of my favourite tv show of the moment, Hannibal. Morbid, but I love it.

I cannot believe I've never blogged this trench coat as I live in it all autumn. I won it on Kellie B's blog maybe 2 years ago (?) and its still going strong. I hate those "Every woman needs an x" pieces of fashion advice, but if its true for anything its true for the trench coat.

Lots of pictures of my face because despite the weird things my hair is doing I am very much feeling vain today.

What are you all loving for this autumn?

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