Saturday, November 23, 2013

OotD: Big Boots, Big Bow.

Tartan Pinafore ~ Alice & You at ASOS
White T-Shirt ~ Dorothy Perkins
Knee High Boots ~ Fashion World *
Velvet Skull Bow ~ H&M
Crochet Tights ~ M&S
Cross Necklace ~ ASOS
Miss World Necklace ~ Black Heart Creatives
Lipstick ~ Disciple by Illamasqua

Hello, lovelies.

Or should I say, my long suffering lovelies? I know, I know, its been an absolute age since I've posted, but university began and as some of you may know the extra stress and activity caused my old leg injury to become quite a problem. This has meant I have been wearing my most basic, comfy scruffs for weeks. To be honest, I am sick of leggings, maxi skirts and baggy shirts, so today on my mum's birthday I decided to bring a little goth glam back into my life!

This outfit has everything I am about this winter apart from maybe a fluffy cardigan, it has tartan, velvet, dark lipstick, crochet details and most importantly boots! I am a boot fiend, I love everything from docs to my leopard print knee highs! They can be pretty and glamorous or badass and dangerous. The only problem is with size 9 feet and big, fat calves it can be a nightmare actually finding a pair that does up.

So I was very happy when the people at Fashion World contacted me about their Legroom range of boots. I like having a pair of black, knee high boots in the winter, they go with everything and become a real workhouse piece and my last pair just gave up the ghost so I was thrilled when I got these beauties in the post.

There are some great instructions on the Fashion World website about how to measure your calves to find your size, I will just say measure a few times because in my excitement I initially got a pair that was slightly too small. This 9E Curvy Plus pair are absolutely gorgeous though, enough room for thick socks or leggings and they don't feel huge and gaping when I'm wearing thin tights like today.

I am very impressed with them, my last pair were around the same price and nowhere near the quality, they fell apart disappointingly quickly. The leather in my new pair is lovely and soft, the inner lining is lovely and warm, perfect for cold walks on frosty days, can you tell I'm a winter person yet? The fit is lovely and unlike my last pair they are a lot more fashionable, the two straps and seams along the side have definite hints towards the riding boot trend without being a disposable trend led item.

As you can see in the above picture and on the Fashion World website the elastic on the side of the boots reaches from the bottom all the way to the top. This detail really impressed me as I have encountered so many "plus size" boots which only have a tiny triangle of elastic at the top, which makes them impossible to close. With my current leg injury this detail also means the boots don't get uncomfortable and tight if my ankle begins to swell. So I would say they're suitable for anyone who has problems with their ankles or feet swelling too.

Oh and my hair changed again! Is anyone surprised that it is almost a normal colour? It supposed to be blue black, like an incredibly dark blue or black with a  blue shone to it, but its not quite how I envisioned it. I still like it, I love having dark hair, but I might add a bit more blue to it soon.

 I want to know people's opinions about this double necklace thing, its something I used to do a lot when I was younger a short & long necklace together, then someone told me it was "trashy", so I stopped. I quite like it so I'm bringing it back, especially when the necklaces are as fab as this Hole inspired Black Hearts Creative piece.

Any now for some pic spam of my face mainly because my brother actually flinched when he saw me today. Why does dark lipstick and amazing accessories freak people out so much?! :P

 How are you all, its been so long, anything I've missed in the blogosphere? 

*(The boots were given to me by Fashion World, but all opinions are my own and if I do accept more items from companies I will always give my full and truthful review.)

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