Wednesday, February 26, 2014

OotD: Print Mixing Dressolutions

I'm Not Dead.

Though January does not agree with me. I have been quite depressed, had about 5 different viruses and my course load has been heavy, so blogging took a back seat.

This means this post has been pushed way into February. Sorry, Marisota

For that is who has sent me these lovely clothes for the Marisota Dressolution Challenge.

Fluffy Geometric Cardigan ~  c/o Marisota*
Glasses Print Top ~ c/o Marisota*
Polka Dot Prom Skirt ~ c/o Marisota*
Black Petticoat ~ Domino Dollhouse
Velvet Creepers ~ Dr. Martens
Personalised Necklace ~ Black Heart Creatives

Marisota sent out a rather intriguing email at the start of the year asking what our "Dressolutions" are for this new year. A dressolution is a style resolution to give your style a fresh start, to try something different and push yourself in a new way.

I chose to try print mixing as its something I so admire in other bloggers, but tend to avoid for myself. I decided to chose only items with a print so I couldn't hide behind blocks of colour! I was so worried after confirming these items as I thought they would not work together at all, but I am digging this look. Staying in a monochrome means all the prints mix really well, so still a little safe, but I think its still a step out of my comfort zone and in the right direction.

I have to say I am a little obsessed with these items, especially the cardigan. It is the softest, warmest, lovely hug of a cardigan! Its definitely the piece I have worn most, its such an easy piece to throw over an outfit when I'm running out of the door in the cold morning to university.

I think the three quarter sleeves also make it a little more fashion forward, plus makes its a transitional item for spring and lets be honest English summer.

In all the pictures so far I've had a Domino Dollhouse petticoat under the skirt. You can see that the skirt has a mesh layer, two satiny layers and a tulle layer. For the price this is a freaking dream piece.

Let's talk about this skirt! I sort of expected it not to live up to my expectations because it looked so wonderfully poofy online, but rest assured as you can see it is a proper cupcake of a skirt. I know a lot of people will wonder where on earth they will wear a mesh and tulle prom skirt? My simple answer is that I have another dressolution this year, that is to wear whatever the fuck I want, wherever the fuck I like!

I wore this outfit walking my dogs (because fashion, darling) and got some odd looks, probably due to the blue hair and prom skirt. I recommend you disregard any onlookers stares, for if you wear a kick ass cupcake skirt, you are the fiercest of the fierce and they are only stares of envy and pure awe.

Look at that poof.... Skirt isn't bad either.


Its been so long, that you've missed my hair being pink! I hated it, so blue was the way forward. Pravana in blue, with a few lighter coloured dispersed for depth. Perfection.

Obligatory silly face.

How have you been, my doves? Do you have any Dressolutions for this year?

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