Sunday, March 16, 2014

OotD: This Is My Person Suit

Denim Dress ~ ASOS Curve
Sheer Black & Tartan Shirt ~ George at Asda

Black Leggings ~ Evans
Creepers ~ Underground UK

The title is a lie, I actually wore this last week and forgot I took pictures. Consummate professional me.

I wore this to go the Manchester Craft & Design Centre with a friend. We were walking past Affleck's Palace and I said to her "Oh its full of goth tat in there.... Which kind of desrcibes my style, though I feel pretty normal and incognito today." My friend looked at me and said "No."

So yes, this minus the lipstick which was pink during the day, is what I think a passing as not an example of gothic tat style. I hope someone gets my title reference, it is pretty perfect.

I have far too many denim dresses, but I couldn't resist this one, the buttons and shape are just lovely. I can imagine wearing this in the summer without leggings or top underneath, oh I am looking forward to that so very much!

Warning about this dress for those big chests, you will need to size up. The denim doesn't have a huge amount of stretch and isn't made for a top heavy person it seems.

As always a lovely outtake of me being silly below!

Hope you're all having a lovely time and having fun in the sun that is peeking through the clouds now again this almost Spring season.

What do you think of my toned down look? Do you ever try and blend in a little and does it ever work?

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