Thursday, May 29, 2014

OotD: Season of the Sea Witch

Its been awhile, friends!

I had my university results today for my last project of the year, so I am free and easy. Hopefully I'll be posting much more. Unfortunately the year has been full of illness (physical and mental) as well as a boat load of university work, so I've not been up for much dressing up.

Polka Dot Crop Top ~ Primark via ASOS
Layered Witchy Skirt ~ Samya via House of Fraser
Monochrome Cardigan ~ Fashion World (previously given to review)
Teeth Necklace ~ Earl Foolish

Lure Earring ~ Earl Foolish
White Crochet Socks ~ ASOS
Black Patent Flatforms ~ Dorothy Perkins
Lipgloss ~ 'Red Wedding' by Shiro Cosmetics

My new fashion obsession for this summer is becoming even more of a witch bitch. Floaty black layers, hitchy hems, sheer and of course, crop tops! This skirt is perfection to me, I adore the hem and it was only ten quid in the sale with a discount code, very nice.

I'm planning to start taking more pictures from "unusual" angles, like back pictures, from the side of sitting down. I find that often I only post pictures from "flattering" front on, but I want to experiment with showing my body from all angles, so say hi to my flat butt.

 Who loves my necklace and earring? I DO. I am a little obsessed with the bits that I picked up from Earl Foolish. Not only are they gorgeous, but each piece from the current Sinister Sirens collection has a gorgeous description and piece of fiction to go with them. If you love sirens, mermaids, creature of the deep and fantasy lore you have to give them a look.

It was hard even getting a decent picture of how beautiful this earring is, the iridescence is just gorgeous. I think I'll be doing a little review of the three pieces I bought and sitting on my hands so I don't buy even more.


Customary ugly picture because I am silly. Also, I am growing out my hair and its currently stuck at mad scientist levels of fluff.

How are you all, my lovely readers?

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